Like a river no longer contained by the barricades of fear

It flows;

Ask me not how?

Or when ?

There is no time, no space,

No certain measure by which I can tell thee

It needs to be free

And I let it be.

Like a channel that it passes through

I wait and it takes over.

No questions, no answers

It goes as it please

But it sets me free.

Such peace-

Thousand drums of joy

Or was it pain?

Something in me plays

And I beat and beat at the drums

Like water so transparent

So calm,

I feel it on my fingers

But I can’t clasp it

It trickles its way

And the beats play

My soul feels free

And I let it beat.

“Meraki”, that’s what they told me

I know it as peace

Loud and clear, it plays

My soul translucent

In the words ,

my words

It shines on free.


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