When you go and would you even turn to say
“I don’t love you like I did yesterday?” (My Chemical Romance)

Dear you,

Remember me,

Maybe you do

Maybe you don’t

Now it seems pointless

It was all so yesterday.

Yesterday, when the sky seemed blue

Yesterday, when it was just me and you

Yesterday, when we knew

Yesterday, when it all flew.

Up, up, and away-

In to the clouded sky

With no birds in sight

Just hollow faces walking by;

Yesterday, the day was just there

Like never ever to be fair;

Like the lines on our palms;

As I felt your arm

Move away;

Flood my system with novacaine.

Yesterday, remember,

Yeah! You do.

Lets not play fools

The reasons that made me blue

Bruised my heart

And frowned my smile

Darling, stay awhile.

Come close, before you go


I thought its time you knew

Yesterday flew.

But today,

Let me update-

You, were a yesterday

Faded face

Blown away

Up, up and away

Never shall you stay

For I wear a bulletproof heart

And your reasons are duds

So kindly as you go

Hear me say,

“I don’t love you, like I didn’t yesterday.”



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