Love strings along~

You pull I move,

To the sways of your fancies

I move and move;

You lift my arms

And made we walk

Like I had feet not of my own;

There I go, running as you move slow

Such binary actions

I feel a pinch;

There you prick again

Again, till non is left.

Lift me up,

Swing me around

Tell me you care

I am falling down.

Yet, I swing

To the strings that you pull

Motionless puppet,

Forgotten thing.

See you not my heart?

Wait, how will you?

I am made from rags

You stitch me up

Stitch and stitch

Oh! How you prick

Stuff me with nothing

I feel something, “Master”,

Hear you me?

If I am a puppet

Why do I bleed?

I cry, “Goodness, what be these strange things?”

Is it magic?

Are you my Creator?

Or was I human?

Flesh and blood;

I strung along like a puppet,

You my life string;

As motionless as I was

My heart felt a pinch

Prick by prick

Needle and thread

Yours was the hand

That left me dead.

Wake me now

I am no puppet!



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