The Owl.

The night came,

Cold and stagnant;

Like an ominous thing was lurking

Waiting in the shadows to reveal itself.

The wind howled

Like the wolves in the forest

On the prowl for prey

What lies at bay?

Danger, mystery,

What could it be?

The night seems calmer

In all its dismay.

There, one hears it again,


A messenger from the goddess Athena herself

Letting us know

What is to come?

It lurks in the trees

Eyes so big

What wisdom can it reveal?

What truths does it see?

Nocturnal creature;

Seeker of the gods

Tell us now

What is installed for man and his follies

Reveal thy knowledge

Is there transience?

Oh! Oracle of sacred knowledge

Reveal thy truths;

Here, now, as the night looms

Soon light shall come

And the howl shall die

Hoot the truth

For time waits for non

Sacred creature

Wise one,

Reveal what is to come…



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