Shades of human, around I see.”

Passer by faces

Light forms shadows

They all look the same

Such varied guise they wear

Do not be fooled

Theirs is the crime

Where millions fall

Knee deep in quicksand

No one to lend a hand.


Species of superior intellect

Far be I to condemn

The flaws they wear

Human folly, so they say.

Mankind, is man kind?

Non can say

What is kindness to the fray?

Long shadows made by light of day.

Ah! You there, looking

Stop analyzing.

There is no answer

Don’t let the mind sink in to overthink

Brain ulcers kill

Or was it the stomach?

All seems the same

The foolish games people play.


Walking, smiling,

Crying, beating,

Lost souls;

Lovers connect

Haters plot

Rejects deject.

This is the street

The pavement’s stories

Passing shadows

Loner’s retreat.

Non know

Non see

They break your bones

And your teeth;

Sink in deep into your skin

Suck your blood

As the butterfly breaks her cocoon

Here is the shadow

Here is refuge

Passer by faces

Concocting tales

Of who you are

Non take the time to think

Non stop to blink

Rush for money

Rush for honey

Rush for life

Time flies.

Pedestrian solace-

A fool’s dream.


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