Cosmic Love~

“A little parenthesis in eternity”

What be I without you?

What be this world without us?

What be?

Questions I played in my head

Dreaming of love instead.

The sky looked liked the sea

Bathing in turquoise

The clouds fluffy like cotton candy;

The world I saw was new to me

The trees looked alive

Talking to the wind

As the animals danced with the birds

And fish swam on land;

What be this?

Reality living in fiction

Or I rolling on cosmic haze.

I find nothing yet,


What be this trance?

Making my head dance

To the echoes of howling moons

And waltzing in silent rooms;

Something has got me confused

Woken me from my gloom

I see stars now

‘As it fell from your heart

And landed in my eye.’

I see you…

Clouded visions clear as truth.




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