ACT 2 Scene ?

“It’s so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone.”
― John Steinbeck

*curtains roll*

Scene: A room filled with lilies. Woman in the corner dressing. A stool on the side. Little girl sits. Watching. There’s another woman in the room, a figure. Sits next to the little girl. Both stare at the woman. There they watch. The girl smiles the woman next to her frowns. Silence. Enters a figure. Begins to narrate a poem. 


“There, there, what be this?”

Who be these players

To a game they know not.

Look at them

Such fools.

Do they not know

Did they not see me enter?

Are they so blinded by her?

She who neither speaks nor turns

To say “Hello, old friend”

They know her not.

She entrances them so.

Silly fools

Caught in her halo

Know they not;

Look at me

Hear me

I entered here as you all did

Watched her as you did

Kept an eye on all her years

And you dare not see me

What be this?

Little girl you smile

But future you knows

Hence I kept her close

To see this scene

As we watch our Queen…

Look at me.

The frown she wears is my gift

I tie the strings that lift that smile up and down

I am with you as you sit

Little girl I will flip the switch.


Room goes dark. The girl sits still. The women are gone. The figure lurks and  Sings

Awake, asleep

Now I say my final speech.

Little girl, asleep

Your Queen is a dream

She is gone.

I need her close.

She is my soul.

Mortal creature no more.

Little girl, awake.

I need you to see

What is blood

Must run out

What is alive

Must fade out

Her crown falls

On you to pick

Now as I sing

I say, “Wake”

They will come to you and say

“She breath her last, now let her lay”

As I, scythe the flowers of her life

Go pick a flower to keep by her side.

                                                *…and the flowers gather to mourn the weak*



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