“A kiss is a secret which takes the lips for the ear.”~ Edmond Rostand 

We shared secrets …

Do you remember?

How we found each answer

To every question.

We played with information

Danced with the truth

We shared secrets

Me and you.

I saw them slip out

Softly, each word,

Never to stop and think

Can we let out such things?

But there you were

My once passionate feign

With you I danced with lies

As I tried to find peace.

Soft caresses led me here

Wondering, were we the beings of fate?

Or a coincidental trance;

Of lips meeting lips

Playing to a tune

Hummed in secret

You knew;

Where my heart was.

Where my soul was.

We danced around to nothing

While the sky lit with stars

Shining for something.

Each peck revealed something

Words that had a meaning

Or did the muses carry us away

Buried the words in berries

Pink flustered cheeks

Revealed the days of truth.

My eyes foretold nothing

But my heart skipped beats.

“C’est La Vie”, said I

As you kissed me…



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