Secret Places.

“Lovers find secret places
inside this violent world
where they make transactions
with beauty.” ~Rumi

“Hush now.”

They will hear us.

Soldiers of hate

Don’t let them dictate;

The life you want to lead

Love who you love

Keep your hearts deep.

There is a secret place

Where lovers meet

You and I can go

Where they won’t find us so

Quiet and peaceful

Let us sleep

In fluffy meadows of daffodils

As sunflowers shield

Us from the cold;

Do you want to go?

Or is this cold your home?

Where our hearts are automatons

And life a shell

Empty and hollow.

Do you want to stay?

Here where the barriers keep you

Tied and programmed

To walk and talk

Love no man.

What is your plan?

Grab my hand.

I’ll take to you the secret place

Walk with me it won’t be a waste

In paths that cool your feet

And sights that are a treat.


No sound please.

If you scream in the silence

They will freak

Carry you away

And us never to meet.

“Hush, hush”

Wait for me.

And I will take you

To the secret place

Where lovers meet

Behind the beauty

Far from the concrete;

Where lovers can love

And be free…


Come with me.



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