The Fallen rises~

“Wear your heart on your skin in this life.”~Sylvia Plath

Lord I have sinned
Lord I have broken every vow
Made errors in my ways
Judged others;
Oh! How I swayed.
To the evils of the world
To the temptations
To the impatience of my youth
Where have I gone?
Where did we go?
I found crooked paths
I found no rolling stone
Here in my now
Cold and lost
Forgotten and Unforgiven
There I saw
My Father called me,
“Come and Rise”
Atone for what you’ve done
For I am not man
I am not flesh
I am not blood
I am your soul’s keeper
Maker, Creator.
And I tell you now
What you may have forgotten
For through me lies the kingdom of heaven
Rise, Oh! Rise.
The dove shall carry thee
In the palm of my love
Rise my fallen one
For I, forgive thee.



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