I found you in the flowers as the wind blew…”

When I was little
You told me people were like flowers.
Each have a scent;
An aroma.
They linger telling you a tale
Leaving a memory.
It was like flowers kissed you.
First kisses that never fade
They stay with you
Even as they go.
Every time you pass a flower
It reminds you-
How faces might fade
How they laughed.
How they talked.
But there it was
That linger…
Kissing your brow
As you soak in the scent
Now I find you in flowers
Like it was heaven sent.
I close my eyes
And I feel you
You linger,
And I write.
Collecting petals in diaries
Each a reminder of you
Forever with me.

 My flower kissed self,
Looking for her muse.

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