Busy faces,

Excited faces,

All gather for their dance.

Boys and girls

All looking for romance.

Standing close,

Moving close,

Room of pheromones.

There they go

Each with each

Dancing in the trance.

Corner faces stare

Watching them fair

In this task of courting jocks

Pretty girls in lovely frocks.

Status Quo keeps them at bay

While the rest play.

There in the bleachers

She stood;

In a pink dress muted in look.

The wall was a good support so she thought

Stand long enough someone will come and talk

Say,”Would you like some punch?”

Or “What a lovely dress!”


So she thought.

Until the night swayed

And the wallpaper seemed like a friend

Each flower had a face

She made  friends.

Myrtle and vine

They started luring her in

She pricked on the paper

And felt a pinch;

Sucked in the wall

She was among the flowers

Non could see her.

Dancing face to wall;

The flowers crawled out…

Calling out, “Come close, wallflower”

Let us see you sprout.

Illustration by Choi Mi Kyung


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