“No man is an island, entire of itself.” ~John Donne

I built you a fort

From sticks and stones

They lay there ;

Laid and made.

There they are

Perfectly aligned to shield your heart.

I built you a home

From nothing but stone

It stood so strong

Even the winds couldn’t fold.

Perfectly built to keep you free

Shield you from the storm, if need be.

I build, and I, build

Mind castles in the air

Like Xanadu, a place in the sky.

Lilac and blue

I built them for you

On an island far away

For you to stay.

In my mind we escaped from the stones

Sticks breaking our bones;

I build, and I build

For your heart to fill

On an island far way

Just for us to stay.

I build.

I burn.

I shielded.

I turned.

For you I would stay

On an island far away

If only I could break those chains

That keep you away.

Art by Kate Shaw. (Pinterest)

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