~The past beats inside me like
a second heart.~John Banville

Thoughtful listener,
Are you listening?
Come closer
Hear me out
I have a story to tell you
It isn’t too long
Just lacks a song
To echo it’s spirit
To echo it’s tale
Like a whale song
You hear far away.
Hear me out.
Will you? 
Why is it so hard for us?
I talk .You walk.
Do you no longer like my tales?
Do my stories not change your day?
I think time for a throwback
To help you see
How we were
Just you and me.
You listened
You cared
You played with my hair
As I told you my woes
How we laughed .
Doe-eyed dreamers
We had the world on a string
Made it dance and swing
I swayed to the left
You always played right.
Guess we never knew then
What made us right?
This is a throwback
A look back,
A reason to write.
I see no you for me.
But on a Thursday afternoon
As I remembered you
I looked back
And saw
The world was not us.
So I cut the string and move to the right
I think of spring
And the rain outside
For honey,  this is a throwback
A memory.
Not a “Hey back”.
Farewell, goodbye to memory.



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