For you~

They will never see
They will never know
How it was for us so
We walked and talked
Rushed the pages of our books
Told tales and made up faces
Characters with names
Non stayed the same.
They won’t know.
They won’t read.
The words you left for me
Marred my heart
Burden be
The day you left
I was never free
Caught ensnared !
In the cages of mourn
How does one carry on?
Write me a song
Or a poem before you go
Leave me something
Not out in the cold
Leave me something
A whiff of you
Like lilies on a rainy day
Tinged in tears
They fill the air
Leave me something
Before you go.
Don’t go…
I have nothing
Where are you?
You took something with you
I feel hollow
Where did you go?
How does one know again?
Live again?
Empty shell
You took my life right from the start…
Departed with my heart.



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