HE said, SHE said.

“WHAT did I say?”

“Seamus, did you hear?”
‘Shame on us’ for gossiping
BUT, did you hear?
Oh! Its quite a ‘catch’
Down the gossip hatch
Trickling down the pool
It went round and round
Now to you.
Seamus, did you hear?
It’s odd you know
They tell these tales so
She smiled
They said you held hands.
You two talked
They said you walked for miles.
Seamus, is it true?
How you felt blue
For she did this to you.
You and her marching in secret
Did you hook the line
And she set you free?
What is it Seamus?
THEY say you two don’t talk anymore
I see it when you two cross
How cold it was.
Did the month pass to nothing?
She must or you must have given something?
A token?
A love?
Poor Seamus, she ignores you so.
Did she break your heart?
Stole your soul?
Seamus, do you hear?
“HEAR, you say?”
Did I do WHAT and WHAT?
With WHOM and WHO?
WE were what you say?
She stole my what?
DEAR I, poor soul!
I didn’t know my “HELLO”
Took its toll
on YOU.
I didn’t know being nice meant falling in love?
Taking a walk meant I FELL out of love, or in?
Ah! Such an exciting life I lead.
That I have strangers swooning over me
And I over them.
WHAT a romance we must have had?
I with her and she my heart.
Such a TALE.
Shame on me for not being there
Shame on you for not telling me sooner
That I had found love
And never knew her
TELL ME…What happens next?
Far be it for I to tell my own
YOU ALL seem to know…



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