“My arms are too short to box with God.”~Johnny Cash 

So this is it,

My ring, my place,

I’ll lace up my boots

And I’ll tighten my strings

But this is not where I let you win.

I will fight you to the end

Black and blue, however, it ends.

Bloody and on the mat

Droplets of this and that

Be ready, for I don’t quit

Jabs and hooks

Kicks and turns

You will not see me tap

I will fight you

For that’s a fact.

My place isn’t yours to take

My heart is mine to keep

Bruised and battered

Punched to a pulp

I will wear my love bloody

I will knock you out.

I am no giant

I am no immortal

My mortal limbs will keep me safe

And I will look you in the face.

I will smile as fear sweats off you

I will stand tall and beat you

You have taken it all

Not my pride

My love was yours

Now you will see me fight

I am strong

I am free

Bruised as I may be.

Darling, don’t think me weak

I will crawl to get to my peak.

I will stand and knock you out

Leave you bloody

Five minutes, tap out.


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