Silent listener~

“O that you would be completely silent, And that it would become your wisdom!” Job 13:5

Like a spiral staircase we climbed; All we had was a clouded mind. Down and up, round and round; solitude was a frown. Peace and resistance had their day. Wars of contempt shed its blood. Scars of suffocation. Bandages of frustration. Where was refuge? Up and up we climbed, battered souls, searching for the Divine. Light and darkness go hand in hand. There You stood extending your hand. You loomed with us in the shadows. Heard our curses and cries. Exalted as we praised. Wept as we wept. We were blind seekers; Mute listeners. Moments of belief came when light showed the truth. I, see Thee in the dark. For there is where I lie. In fits of pain. You protected my heart…



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