“Warriors are born out of pain…”

Their hands were cold. It was ice. Chills down my spine. My blood was boiling but my body went numb. My words were springing out but I was dumbfound. I shall lie here still, let them have their fill. The thrill chills. And I will be silent. Scream, shout, who will hear me now? Its all done and I am dumbfound. I laugh now how life is cruel. Leaves me in pain. What did I do? Was I cruel? I blame myself for the things I’ve done. Karma has come. I can’t see me anymore, just torn faces sticking close. Black and bruised I am blue. What lies in the mirror is what was made by you. BUT here I am, Alive! Its more worse a crime. Live for what? For whom? The person before is no longer you. Maybe I needed to die for ME to be born. So I could tell my tale, my heart song. Sing it loud, SCREAM for those that can’t. Tell the world the horrors and show my tattered hands. I won’t be dumbfound. I won’t be numb. I will scream from my silence. I will be my saviour. YOU did not break me.YOU did not win. All this time I listened. But mountains take time to stand tall. And I am a WARRIOR made of titanium walls.


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