An ode to coffee.

Some welcome their mornings with smiles and tea. Pour their milk and drop their sugar. Each cube, each spoon- the stir of hope. Such rare creatures I say. For surely even the wind won’t blow off their rainbow-crested day. THEN there is US- me, waking free of dreams. Insomniacs and overthought pleas. I see rainbows if a shovel hit me. One could dream! Morning, dearest unnecessary wake- here we are again. Another day! State clock strikes ten life starts again. But as they stir and sip their tea, I find solace in a mug of black gold. Rushing down my throat, pumping hope. Saying, “Mere mortal, all is a go.” Caffeine Up! And maybe you’ll see rainbows. Who knows? Never know…

Have a lovely day ❤

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