Turn the page…

Ever laid on a field of sunflowers?
Ever danced with nymphs in the night?
Under a sky with two moons
Under the stars on a sunny night
Discovering, dreaming,
Flying higher and higher
Rocket ships and galaxies
Lovers and fantasies
Monsters and daydreams
Gods and demons
Philosophy and poetry
I find it all.
I did it all.
Did you?
Did your heart melt?
As Prince Charming found Cinderella,
As Belle danced with the Beast
As Gandhi made his speech
As history showed you life
As poets spoke of love
As man made love.
There it all lay
Blessed creatures of tale
Facts and fiction
Truth in all its tell tale.
I had it all.
At the palm of my hands
As my eyes saw glory
As my eyes cried
As my eyes dreamt of islands
Fireflies in the night
I found them.
By the “turn of a page”
It all lay.



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