“We were together. I forget the rest.”~ Walt Whitman


Broken infinities

That’s all we are.

For I fear I see not far

Just in the minutes of how we are.

Infinity is a symbol

A figure eight;

I drown knowing that life isn’t all fate.

For I count the seconds, the minutes,

The hours it took to learn your face

The days the light hit you skin

The nights you closed your lids

And life faded in.

Infinities break

Like a framed picture

Shattered into bits

Constellations of stars.

Prism of light

Beaming our hearts

Pieces of fate

But not ours.

I believe in NOW

When I can feel you close

Smell the air enveloped in smoke

The way the wind plays with my hair

The way rivers flow.

While a lonely bridge

Brings lovers close.

There, my love,

Do you see?

We are joined


Never by a grand scheme of infinite links

But the link of an “And” that keeps us tied.

Like your hand in mine

AND nothing felt more infinite~

Than that.


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