Drama queen syndrome/ Loner withdrawals/ Pills of a maniac/ Trips of a clown/ Flipped a switch/ We go from happy to jump off a cliff/ Scales of depression/ Statistics of enjoyment/ Like a mood board/ In a kid’s playroom/ We go bouncing/ Roller coaster windings/ Moods of a human/ Polar opposites/ Daylight happy/ Midnight madness/ We all need happy pills/ To see love as a thrill/ Pop in the pill/ Down to Happyville/We are suckers / Never happy/ Push and Pull/ That’s the rope…Is there hope? Today, I feel like a rainbow/ Tomorrow I feel like a scarecrow. Pricking in pain/ Dancing away/ Emotional in a day/ Flipped a switch/ Heart for a brain./Fifty shades happy or grey?

(You decide)



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