Rainbow on a wheel.

Photo taken: Yahoo News, Nov 2011 A mela in Sonepur,India. (Pinterest)

I have this memory , its funny how it didn’t really hit me till today. Growing up, my parents had this usual Mela that their office used to organized. Lots of food, cotton candy, rides and games. Those rusty old rides that had a lot of safety issues but no one cared. People got on and smiled. I smiled. Cotton candy in hand, I remembered these people with their kids all laughing and happy. Just them and the colourful rows that went round and round. Its been a decade or more but I remember holding my mum’s hand and looking at them. A rainbow on a wheel. Back then it melted away like the cotton candy in my mouth. Now, I would do anything to feel that hand, to watch the smiling faces. Rusty old boards but what a show… Its Monday, but a picture took me back to yesterday.


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