A note to self~

Dearest one,
Today,like all other days might seem disastrously sad. The wind of change hasn’t quite swept you off your feet. The life you lead isn’t as you thought it’ll be. Today, May have not been what you dreamt as a child, dancing barefoot on soft grass, jumping on your bed till you felt the ceiling or making shapes out of vapours. Today, darling one isn’t yesterday. As you look back on what you thought it’ll be look forward to what you make it be. Today, you are your own creator. Dreamer. Making mistakes as you try to find your place. A home. A love. A life. To call your own. Today, it’s OK to feel not OK. For today, shapes the outcome of your tomorrow. And tomorrow is not always going to be of sorrow… There’s joy we just crawl through pain to get there like wildflowers blooming in secret, hiding to be discovered. Creeping slow but beautiful all the more…



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