I am envious of those/Who still know/The warmth of a mother’s love/ Or just her touch/ I don’t remember her much/Time never gave me so/But in a small window/I see her though/ I see her in pictures/In others so/I see her in people/ I see her in me/Every year I am reminded /That I never gave you a poem/ I write it loud enough/Hoping Heaven has a site/Making links with angels/I pray you see me so/ Your children have grown/ I wish you could know/ The dangers of youth/The follies of fate/My heartbreaks and misses/ First love and celebrations/ Maybe you always will be / The one in the pictures/ Tales from strangers/ A figment of love/ My father’s one and only/ My mother his wife/ So as I write to you this poem/ Inspired by a mother and her child/ Someday I pray/ You’ll hear me read them to you/While you say, ” I love you my child, now I can STAY.”

A Nepalese woman and her child. Taken from Pinterest

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