A lover’s blush~

There you are,

Here I was;

Meeting point unknown

Such familiarity flowed.

I didn’t know then

What I know now

Yours was the face

I can’t forget somehow.

Love, was like a sun-kissed day

My cheeks blushed

And I found a whole new embrace.

Life, was what we fought

Fiction kept us on a time warp.

You hated to see me cry

Yet, you lived in lies

I, a fool

Found you as truth.

Like a sun-kissed tan on my cheek

Flushed forever never to fade

Love laid its final blow

And I took it all the more.

A lover’s blush ;

That made me blue

A day that left too soon

As the sun left and now came the moon.

Where did it go?

Just another rendezvous…

Artwork: Francois Henri Galland (Pinterest) 



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