“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.” – Og Mandino

The little girl sat on the bench

Looked at the stars in the day

How the blue sky with fluffy clouds

Moved so;

There she saw the stars, Ursa

Minor, Major? There they are.

Came a woman to sit

Asked the girl are you having a fit?

Counting stars in the daytime

Little girl it isn’t night time.

The little girl smiled in wonder

How can you say so?

Daytime wandered a long time ago;

Man walks in night

Don’t you see the stars give light.

Madness! The woman echoed;

Light is morning

Night is night

When the moon glows and the stars take light;

The girl smiled

Revolutions and Rotations,

That is all we know.

Who are who

What is what

When is when

We all know.

Yet, our little minds cloud our vision so.

Teach me a text I will memorize and pass

Teach me words I will know them within hours

Teach me “understanding” and then I will stop counting stars

For the ‘light’ isn’t a rotation

It is what we see;

Blinded by doctrine

Are we free?

I see not the stars in daytime

I count the stars that is mankind

Each hanging on to a spark

As they roam this world in perpetual dark.

Now, kind woman where is your spark?

Night is here, can you see in the dark?


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