Bare II

If I could go back & do things over there’s probably a long list of Do’s & Dont’s.. But life isn’t a work of fiction. Its reality at its crudest form. It has been 4 years since I started blogging and sharing my works for people to read. The response was not only overwhelming but also an introspective therapy session for myself. I have discovered that ruled by social media and the wonder that is the internet my life became a work of selfies and filters. Apps for my day to day existence. And Existence became to cater to the itch of popularity and likes. My poems and photos became my identity and my automated role. I was but a product of this filterified pixelated world. Thank you for the apps They helped.. Thank you for the apps they killed me. So today, bare and introspectively bored, I share a love/hate appreciation for the monster that I created myself. My own 21st century pixels in filters Frankenstein.. I guess typing this out just proves the irony..😂 


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