Goodbye, Hello again.


So this is how it ends. My time with you well spent. Did we break or bend? Did we push or pull? Did I lie for your truths? Was it me or was it you? Twenty-Sixteen, was a passing dream. Nightmares cloaked the streets yet, I walked a dream. Woke up, slept again. Were we kind my friend? I broke a few hearts like plates. I helped a few glue to break. Work and slept. Chopped logs and ate like dogs. Played tunes, danced in rooms. Birthdays and marriage, death and birth all played like loud trumpets. Some walked others ran. Some leapt others sunk in sand. That was a Twenty-sixteen life, NOW goodbyes seem right. Blew a candle, saw the smoke. Lit crackers and choked, in tears and smiles that was my Twenty-Sixteen LIFE. Goodbye all Hope. Clock struck 12′ HELLO once again, HOPE.

Love, N.


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