P. A. U. S. E

Listen to the whispers of your soul. Take a step towards reflection. A long tunnel towards redemption. A pause for reinventing. A static walk to realization. Press pause. 

Foxtrot life

Keys of a piano play, The ones that know sway. 

The lucky ones jive and swirl 

Time to dance my girl –

Sadly two left feet drag on 

Kicking, slipping finally dip 

The crowd laughs as you flip; 

Dancing a life 

On your toe’s tip. 

White lies.

Truth be told we tell lies,

To hide ourselves

In made pretend realities

If the truth ever came to be

Life would seem too bleak;

And we would be walking zombies

Searching for a new lie to feed.

This is us.

Walking, talking, lying…Preach!

Truth of life is made from root of lies

Foundation is shaky

Reality would make us freak.

White lies calm us be,

Truth will be “set-free”

Life isn’t so bleak.

For now we hide in whispers

Play games to dare us the truth


In the end, What is the truth?

Lie to me, please!

Quote inspired. (Pinterest)


Galactic love

Star-crossed lovers, drifting in space. Swam through the galaxy to find you. Drowning in memory. Love was a river of stars. Do hearts travel this far? Where your mind slips into the unknown and your soul leaves you. Beats per second feel like light years away… When even earth feels like outer space.

PC- Pinterest 


Flowers wither.

Dry up and die;

Slowly losing their glow

Fading into nothing.

Back to the earth that bore them

Back to the deep seed of death;


When will life spring again?


People wither.

They lose their glow;

Living empty dried shells

Their skin cringes in age

Wrinkle and fade.

Death awaits… It came.


Will the earth keep you safe?

Will you lie in wait?

Will you spring again?


Nothing sticks.

Memories dry up.

Life fades.

A withered existence

How I yearn to see you bloom again.



Red balloon~

“I’d be smiling and chatting away, and my mind would be floating around somewhere else, like a balloon with a broken string.”~ Murakami 








There they go;

Red balloons in blue-lit sky.

Mind of a loner

Shape of a social butterfly;

Caught in strings of monotony

Snap and be free.

Slip away,

Break free…

Don’t tangle and burst away.




If  I could gather a “truck-load” of hearts and deliver to you, how sweet it would be if you were that missing “piece” of me.. Collecting paper hearts in a jar, passing love and random starts. Yours was the heart locked forever.. A rendezvous of love.. Corny little messed up hearts that’s what we are. Guess that’s what you call love?